Jurnal Hama dan Penyakit Tumbuhan Tropika : Journal of Tropical Plant Pests and Diseases (formerly Jurnal Hama dan Penyakit Tumbuhan Tropika) which is abbreviated as J Trop Plant Pests Dis, publishes articles in plant pests, plant pathogens, plant damage caused by those pests and pathogens and or their management in tropical and sub tropical areas. In addition to basic and applied research papers, J Trop Plant Pests Dis publishes short communications as well as review that have not been published. Before being accepted for publication, all manuscripts must be peer reviewed. The journal is published sixmonthly in March and September. The J Trop Plant Pests Dis is published by Plant Protection Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Lampung, Indonesia in collaboration with Entomological Society of Indonesia and Indonesian Phytopathological Society.

Accredited by Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI), Decree No 158/E/KPT/2021

Development of Bacillus thuringiensis-based liquid and paste formulations for controlling invasive pest species Spodoptera frugiperda J. E. Smith
Achmad Djunaedy, Syaiful Khoiri, Dheananda Fyora Hermansyah Azari, Zahratus Syamsiyah, Gita Pawana, Dita Megasari, Giyanto
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158-165 Pages

Diversity and community structure of predators in surjan (polyculture) and lembaran (monoculture) paddy fields
Dina Wahyu Trisnawati, Ihsan Nurkomar, Andri Antono, Era Puspitasari
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166-176 Pages

The use of combination plant growth promoting rhizobacteria to control chili leaf curl disease in the field
Suryo Wiyono, Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat , Sobir, Andika Septiana Suryaningsih
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177-184 Pages

Effectiveness of bionematicide from Purpureocillium lilacinum in controlling root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)
I Gede Swibawa, Yuyun Fitriana, Solikhin, Ambar Fiandani, Radix Suharjo, Purnomo, F.X. Susilo
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185-193 Pages

The effectiveness of Liliaceae phyllospheric Actinomycetes as biocontrol agent of purple blotch disease (Alternaria porri Ell. Cif) on shallot
Cheppy Wati, Abdjad Asih Nawangsih, Aris Tri Wahyudi, Suryo Wiyono, Abdul Munif
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